Thanksgiving Update

Hello Everyone, Things are going well, I've managed to do one thing on my personal website (added a github banner to it) and I'm planning to do some more to it, cleaning up the way the stuff at the bottom looks, maybe putting more relevant stuff in there. It's been quite warm here for the past couple of days, around the 30°c mark, and that's saying something for October. The workload for school seems to be tapering off, which is nice as it's giving me more free time to do my own personal things (like post here) and play video games. Maybe I'll be able to post something cool soon.

I'm pretty excited for IOS5, which is set to release on the 12th of this month, I've been beta testing/developing with it since it was first introduced in the betas and I'm pleased with how it's turned out, hopefully the rollout won't be as painful on me as it was for IOS4 (when people were tweeting like rabid birds) and hopefully it won't eat my devices and force me to restart all of them from scratch. iCloud looks interesting, I can't quite say I'll buy more into it past the initial 5 free gigabytes. I've tested that as well and it looks quite nice too, refined UI for the services that are web offered and seamless integration like mobile me should have been.

So things have gone well in Starcraft for me, I'm still in silver league, but I'm not really playing too many games and hopefully I'll get to gold for next season (and stay there) which happens to start around the 24th of this month, with the league lock starting either today or tomorrow. I really hope I am getting better, but I really don't know as it's always hard to assess yourself.

Thanks for reading!