Case studies and Stuff

Hello again,

As described in the title, I have begun case studies, or those massive labs at the end of a semester that encompass the entire curriculum. At the moment I only have one, though I expect to have at least 4 hooray Cisco switching and WAN accessing, and another hooray for Linux, and a whoop whoop for MS server admin. (you interpret if that was sarcasm or not).
Anyways, I've found an interesting tool that someone has shared with me, that I'd like to share with whomever is actually reading is blog. And that tool is Splunk it's a log server, event tracker, performance monitor all racked into one product, put on anabolic steroids and then given crack. It can do windows event monitoring, cisco syslog, Linux syslog and performance monitoring and is an easy to install web service. Screenshot included

And finally on a more personal note, all is well, and everything is coming together nicely, though I still have to work on that gosh darned landing page.

Shaun B.