Long Time Update

Well, It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here.

Posted on: 26 Jan 2013

Going Back Home

Well, It seems like I’m going back home, at least, to my home town. It’s been quite the while since I’ve last updated this blog, I’ve finished contracts, got new ones, and am even working on acquiring full time employ. I also managed to get my full G License, before my deadline (I would’ve been soooo angry).

Posted on: 17 Oct 2012

Moving Out And On My Own

It’s certainly been a while since I last posted. I don’t recall as to whether I mentioned it or not, but I’ll be moving to Ottawa in the coming weeks, out onto my own. This will be an experience. On a related note, holy smokes does costco ever have large sizes, I’ve had left overs for like a whole week from cooking one package of meat.

Posted on: 08 Sep 2012

We're Going To Colonize The Moon

I predict that within the next 50 to 75 years, we’ll have or will be colonizing the moon, to then move onto mars. I say this because of the curiosity lab rover, and a TED talk that I saw (link here). It makes the utmost sense when you view them together with the SpaceX missions.

Posted on: 09 Aug 2012

Things Lately

Holy smokes, been a while since I last posted hasn’t it? Anyways, couple of things happened lately, I got a new chair, which is freaking awesome (GO HERMAN MILLER!!)

Posted on: 03 Aug 2012

How I Migrated From Snow Leopard To Lion

So this post will explain how I managed to upgrade from Mac OS X 10.6 Server to Lion Server. (this is kind of like an instructional mixed with what I was thinking at the time)

Posted on: 28 Jun 2012

Flurry Of Activity

Holy smokes, I’ve had quite a flurry of activity lately. I just moved my blog to github, moved all of my services off my server, while and doing the job hunt thing. In the meanwhile, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of documentation. Which I’ve been using appledoc.

Posted on: 28 Jun 2012

Code Challenge, Blog Problems, And Rain

Well, it’s a rather drab sunday today. Rain, gray skies, smell of ozone in the air, great for the grass and plants! Rather boring for me though. At least, plans are coming together, and I may finally get back to iPhone programming, maybe even write a thing or two about that kind of stuff on this blog. Furthermore, due to issues revolving around bandwidth and stuff, I think I may permanently move this blog to github or something.

Posted on: 17 Jun 2012

June And Stuff

Well, this has been an interesting beginning to the month so far, even though it’s not really the beginning of the month. So many cool things lately, like iOS6, Mountain Lion, that new Macbook Pro that I totally want, but can’t afford at the moment… and things like buying Diablo 3, which is really fun. Overall I’m having a pretty good time, except for the paperwork I’m doing, which… well… it’s paperwork. This is just going to be a really short update cause I’m über busy and don’t actually have much to say.

Posted on: 12 Jun 2012

Toronto And Cisco Certs

Well, I went to Toronto from Sunday to Wednesday this week, visiting my cousins and celebrating Victoria day and those sort of things (of which there is a carousel of those images above). I also took my CCNA Composite certificate exam, which hopefully went well.

Posted on: 26 May 2012

Well Its Summer Now

Well, with temperatures from 15°c to 20°c it certainly seems like that. I’m glad with the weather too, I am also very glad that my allergies aren’t kicking in, last year was absolute brutality. Funny thing about allergies, I did some research last year, and apparently there’s three “seasons” of allergies, Trees are first, then it’s flowers and grasses, and then ragweed.

Posted on: 12 May 2012

College Is Done

Well has it ever been a while since I’ve posted. A couple of things have happened lately too. In this last while I’ve managed to

  1. Finish my placement
  2. Compete in the ontario technological skills competition, I didn’t do that well but it was a very fun competition
  3. Graduate from college with an approximate ~4.0 GPA
  4. Had my contract extended to do some more iOS development.

Posted on: 05 May 2012

The Power Of Placement

Knowing that I’ve made quite a few posts about being on placement, I thought I’d make mention about how awesome being on placement actually is. Being on placement does a couple things for me and assuredly the same for you too, it gives me real world experience, which solidifies the technical knowledge from class.

Posted on: 10 Apr 2012

Telethons And More

So, another week goes by. It was a pretty busy weekend for me, I ended up helping out in the Easter Seals Telethon. I also ended up playing Mass Effect 3 some more and holy smokes is it ever addictive. Also, bought Zenbound 2, totally fun game and I would totally recommend it, it’s available from the app store on both the Mac and iOS platforms.

Posted on: 03 Apr 2012

Upgrading From Snow Leopard To Lion

This post chronicles the journey that I had while upgrading from Snow Leopard Server to Lion Server. Short Story: it was a pain in the butt for most of it.

Posted on: 17 Mar 2012

Finished Classes

I’m finally finished all of my academic work for this year, and now I just have to wait for marks. It’s been a good program, one of the best! I also get the distinct pleasure of starting my placement on Monday and get to experience the environment I’ll hope to be working in.

Posted on: 17 Mar 2012

Ios5.1 And Homework

I am so happy that IOS 5.1 came out recently, it jumped my battery life 100% or maybe even more, when it used to last two days at max, now it lasts possibly 4 (haven’t had the battery hit 10% yet). Further on the happy train, TAXES HAVE BEEN FILED which means awesomeness because I don’t have to do them and I’m not in government debt, and I’m going to be getting money back in my tax return. Homework is going as expected, it’s getting done but I’m not too happy about how much there is and the rate that it will continue to have to go at. In fact, much of the break that I was recently on WOOOOO MARCH BREAK was spent labouriously typing Cisco IOS commands into an electronic notebook to (at a later date, like next week) be transcribed onto paper. Ask me anything! I can pretty much configure anything with this puppy.

Posted on: 10 Mar 2012

Reading Week Inbound

Well, reading week is now on the cusp of the week and I must say that I’m more than ready for it. Bring on the homework, bring on the assignments, bring on getting my brain back. On the plus side, this also means more time for minecraft, starcraft, diablo, and skyrim. Maybe even some stuff on some programming or other topics like forefront or something. Unfortunately, I also happen to be in “le sick mode” :( which I hope will go away quickly enough.

Posted on: 03 Mar 2012

Pulp Fiction And Another Week Of School

So, It’s coming to time to do case studies and final assignments. The TMG assignment is not as bad as I had originally thought it would be, Just have to publish a bunch of services and add in some policies. The setup of the final case looks to be more involved than what the rest of it is going to be. I’ve already got most of that done though. I don’t think there is a final case for my Cisco TSHOOT course, but that’s alright, I’ve done the labs for them and I’m also thinking of doing the labs that aren’t required.

Posted on: 25 Feb 2012

Family And Things

Just finished visiting my family over the family day weekend, it was a good visit and we celebrated at least four birthdays. I also managed to get free data from koodo for a month, which I’m going to use the opportunity to see how much data I would use and then guage on whether it’s worth getting a data plan or not.

Posted on: 21 Feb 2012

Family Day Weekend

Well, it’s family day weekend, and hopefully everyone in ontario who is reading this is having a good one. My classes are going well, I managed to get forefront and exchange playing nicely for autodiscovery, as much of a pain in the butt that was (protip below).

Posted on: 18 Feb 2012

Whirlwind Of A Week

Holy smokes has it been one heck of a week. I’ve had many assignments, work, and various other things to do. I also would like to apologize to my english teacher, I’m sorry I can’t cut my report down to 4 pages from 15. There is just too much content to be covered and too many restrictions :(. Edit: I managed to get it down to about 10 pages… still not 4, but it’s getting closer, freaking margins.

Posted on: 11 Feb 2012

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag Arrived Yesterday

Posted on: 07 Feb 2012

Day After My Birthday

Well, Yesterday was my birthday and I had quite a fun time, didn’t quite like how I got repeatedly owned in Call of Duty, but that comes with not playing first person shooters in a couple of months. Other than that, I played some Diablo 3, it’s pretty awesome. I would say more, but seeing as it’s a closed beta I don’t think I should say more than I already have. If any of the people who read this want to play with me (I’m pretty sure I suck) my battle tag is domain#1979.

Posted on: 04 Feb 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 21st birthday and I just wanted to shamelessly post a birthday update.
I recently bought a timbuk2 messenger bag, hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll post pictures when it does.

Posted on: 03 Feb 2012

Twitters Bootstrap And Another Week Of College

Twitter’s Bootstrap has to be one of the nicest web frameworks I have seen, mind you, I haven’t seen many of them, but I find Bootstrap to be especially nice, as it helps with certain things and when I have the time I plan to continue to rework my blog to add more of bootstrap into it. Maybe add a tabluar navigation menu or rework the sidebar or something else cool. Maybe give it that cool looking top bar?

Posted on: 28 Jan 2012

Cookies And Cream Peanut Butter

So, I did decide to make the Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter.
Here is a link to the four photos I took of it, it tasts pretty damn good.
Other than that, not much to report on.

Posted on: 22 Jan 2012

Thoughts Of Apps And Things

Well, another week has passed and things seem to be going well, homework is getting done, code is being written and new programming languages being learned. I just recently pushed out a repo for the definitions and macros that I commonly use in my iOS projects to make things easier. I plan to add more when I get into other languages or find other things that I can make into a macro or static definition. The repository can be found here, send me a pull request if you want to share some of your ways of making coding easier.

Posted on: 21 Jan 2012

Bring On The Rest Of The Semester

I’ve got quite a semester now that I’ve been through the first week, unfortunately no skyrim for me, I think the most I’ll be able to pull is a few moments of Minecraft and maybe Starcraft 2 on a friday night if there’s no reports or assignments due at that time. Very exciting it is though, some interesting stuff, like Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 by Microsoft and an infrastructure troubleshooting course for Cisco equipment (though troubleshooting can be essentially applied anywhere). I think I’m going to do my research report on the importance of source code management and version control systems, should be an interesting topic.

Posted on: 16 Jan 2012

The Beginning Of The Semester

This monday marks the beginning of my last semester at Cambrian College for the Computer Systems Technology program. I believe I will be going to the Ontario Technological Skills competition again this year and hopefully I can get gold this year at both the provincials and nationals. I’m looking forward to this semester as it looks interesting like every other semester so far. Maybe I’ll write my CCNA certs after this, get a couple people together, go to Toronto and write the hell out of them.

Posted on: 08 Jan 2012

Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone, we’re coming up on the year of 2012, and I just wanted to post greetings to everyone. Hopefully everyone has some good ideas as to what they want to do tonight.

Posted on: 31 Dec 2011

Holiday Season

Well, it’s the holiday season, and I wanted to post an update. I managed to land a 4.0 GPA for this semester and I’m so happy that the semester is over, I’m also really excited for this upcoming semester. I have a troubleshooting course, some security courses and a placement for this upcoming semester. I should probably get onto some of the Lion courses, but I haven’t had the time to purchase the books, I’ll hopefully get that done over this break, I will have enough time to go through them.

Posted on: 25 Dec 2011

December Update

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted an update about anything and that’s with due reason… I’ve moved my blog to Jekyll, though I have yet to move the Wordpress site into oblivion. I have also been very busy with assignments that have been coming up as of late, just had to do a couple of reports, some presentations and a practical case study, which wasn’t that bad actually. Group policy is actually pretty nice when it works, but, accidentally locking yourself out of your own server through local logon policy sucks, had to install the RSAT tools on a client machine to finish the rest of the work I had to do, and then fix the mistake I made.

Posted on: 07 Dec 2011

Getting busy again.

Man oh man are things getting busy again, I've got some tests, assignments and other stuff to do. Work is going well and I hope to do some fun stuff with IOS5 and its new features. Starcraft 2 is going pretty well, The leagues are locked and I've stayed in the same relative position for this whole season and hopefully I'll be able to get to gold for the next season. I'm also watching MLG at the moment and it's actually so scintillating that I'm drawn in with a want to play.

That's all I can post about at the moment as there's not really anything new going on this week.
Posted on: 16 Oct 2011

Thanksgiving Update

Hello Everyone,
Posted on: 10 Oct 2011

Another week gone by.

Well there goes the week. It was a good week too. I was able to play video games, sent out an update for the app that I have and still am working on since the summer, prepare an update for another application for review and working on a cool new project. Things are slowing down a bit from the haze of activity that was the first month of coming back to school and I'm actually quite happy about it, now I have more video game time.

School has been good, getting some cool stuff done with my AD administration class (recently got into FSMO roles) and I'm hoping to test this stuff on my personal equipment when I have the time for it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love google's collaboration suite? I've got a couple of projects for two classes and with google docs and stuff we can all work on it all at the same time to get the job done. Even better about it is we can chat while working on the document to get the true collaboration experience.

Hopefully I'll get more time on the SC2 ladder when things die down a bit more, as I've floated in the teens in my league, hopefully I'll get to gold some time soon but, if I don't it will not that big of an issue because I'm sure that within a couple of games of a league reset I'll be there anyways.
Something you should look out for when you're looking for cool things to buy is the Scottevest I bought one and it's just great, it's got pockets, warmth and a bit of style too. I may post pictures of myself wearing it but that's an unknown.

It's been a pretty quiet sunday leading into hopefully a good busy (not too busy) week.

Posted on: 02 Oct 2011

Ahh Fall

Well… fall has arrived and, I must say I'm not to disappointed that summer has left us for this year. the weather isn't at all that unbearable and has only on occasion drifted to around 2°c in the mornings. even the leaves are changing now, and wow do they ever look pretty. I took the picture below just outside the house. I have recently bought a Scottevest it hasn't arrived yet but hopefully that will be soon and I will get to try it out and stay warm wherever (luckily I bought the lightweight and not the travel vest, my father says its too warm during the summer/fall). I'm still around 16th in my SC2 league (although I'm not playing much because of school and work) but hopefully I'll move up to gold for the end of this season or the beginning of next one. I find it sad that the only comments that I would get throughout the time I had comments opened up was spam, so I closed them last time and now I officially don't care whether people read or not. I'm probably going to put this on stumble upon but that might not do much as I don't have much content. In minecraft news, I haven't had much time to create much, just been blowing stuff up (infinite TNT is fun) and hopefully I'll have something cool to show to people when its finished, I may even just show it off for the fun of it as an unfinished project.

Anyways… good things are happening with work, I've managed to submit the app update that I've been working on and holy smokes do I hate regressions, but they all got fixed so that's good. hopefully it will be in the store by the middle of this week (it's waiting for review) and then I can continue work on one of the other plethora of projects I have simmering. I actually can't mention how much I love Github, it's solved so many things just by existing, want to see a branch graph and when they've merged together, DONE! do you want to see the impact you've had on the code, there's a graph for it, how about when people are committing/pushing to get an exact time of when people do most of their work? there's a graph for that.

In other news, I'm planning on some more development work on my landing page to make it look better, hopefully that's a task I can achieve with all the school and work going on.

I'm going to add more sites I'm on to the top bar and re-open comments for this week.
Posted on: 25 Sep 2011

Second Week in...

So it's the second week into school and I'm already feeling tired. Although it is nice to get back into the feel of things. The classes I have this year are really interesting and hopefully I'll be able to pull a lot from them. In the mean time I've fiddled around with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion Server (I would eventually like to move my Snow Leopard server to Lion). Speaking of servers and things related to them, VMWare came out with their fourth revision of Fusion, which I find quite nice as it allows lion and windows 8 virtualization along with cleaning up the user interface and making some adjustments to performance and the likes, overall I'd give it a 5 out of 5.

Posted on: 17 Sep 2011

I saw a bat today...

I saw a bat today, I was on the fourth floor at the college, sitting on a bench and out of the blue I saw this tiny black thing crawling across the wall, so I looked at it and took some pictures. I find it cute.
Posted on: 08 Sep 2011

Good Vacation

Well… my vacation is essentially over… so back to work it will be… I've been playing a good amount of video games and just generally relaxing for the past week. there have been some videos I've found on the internet that have sparked my interest even further for minecraft and I'm getting more stuff for the house and I'm hopefully going to post something about it some time soon. in other personal news… I left my hat on the greyhound bus and it's gone. I also have a picture to show… it's of some graffiti that I found in an underpass in the Nepean area in Ottawa.

More news… school is starting soon and that means potentially less updates (but since no one even reads this it's not like it matters) and more learning… and graduation. this will be one of my last semesters before graduation and getting my diploma and then entering the world of work. On the topic of school, I am so pleased that I can find my books online through e-book stores like peach pit and affiliates and others like O'Reilly and Amazon.

i genuinely hope that my bus tomorrow has internet on it… cause if it does that will be ample time to post that UITableView post I've been wanting to make for a while.

Posted on: 27 Aug 2011

Journeying off...

Well, I'm starting my vacation this weekend and first stop is Toronto, visiting family, to which i will then go to Ottawa and visit friends (and play video games) not much else has been happening personally, well, other than moving some of my code off my personal server to github (which I absolutely love) because git allows me to commit without having to be connected to the Internet to reach the repository, which is a huge plus. Any who, so far it's been raining for about an two hours on this drive down, probably going to be raining the whole way down and probably there too. If anyone reads this, could you tell me where to get a fennec fox in northern Ontario, if you even can get one north of Toronto.

Update: I got completely soaked in the Scarborough town centre station, not too much protection from the rain.

At work things are shaping up pretty well for the next release of the application and oh boy does it look like it will be a good release, new graphics, better UI structure, more features and less bugs (I hope).

I still have more decorating to do in minecraft before I show the creation off, however, it's getting better than it was a week ago, I need to go exploring in my little world some more. I may post some Starcraft stuff if I feel like it. I also hope to at least stay in silver league for this season (above 25) and hopefully move up to gold league.

Thanks for reading.


Posted on: 21 Aug 2011

Minecraft and Stuff

I'd like to quickly start this off by briefly saying that mine craft is addictive, not as addictive as starcraft, however it is addictive none the less. I started off the game and knew nothing, so I built the customary wooden pickaxe and started mining things and found my self into a dungeon,  which ended in a similar fashion as my endeavour in Runescape, dying in a horrific manner and losing all of my items, however, unlike Runescape, I had a goal in mind I want to build a beautiful house so I continue on… more will come up when the house is done (pictures, videos).

Otherwise, not much new in my life, just relaxing and enjoying the summer, can't wait for school to start as it looks like I have a good semester (everything in the middle) and this will be my last year in college (after high school, you never know where life will take you afterwards). It's gotten so cool around here, it's dropped from about thirty to about twenty-five. I apologize for the lack of posting (if anyone actually reads this) and I may or may not post something about UITableView if I have the time for it. I am looking for cheap repository hosting and I've seen beanstalk and Github and I like them and I wonder if there are any that are less expensive or have better features, if not I'll just end up self hosting it (no matter how potentially unstable the internet is).

That's all for now
Posted on: 14 Aug 2011

Silver, a new mouse and beyond...

Hello all,
Posted on: 30 Jul 2011

Lion and other niceties

Hello again, it's been a while and while I haven't got that Wednesday article I may still publish it if I can find the time to write it (I should probably put it into my task list). Well this weeks post is about Lion which I'm sure is very interesting to most people, I've got a few tips for that and the rest is about various things that have been happening in my life lately.

Firstly onto Lion, which is amazing, I was a part of the seeding program and have seen it develop from a pre-beta to what it is today and I must say it is a wondrous progression in the Mac OS line. The only beef I have with it is the scroll direction but I'll get used to it, and if I can't I can always change it back. My tip for lion is that if you find the library folder missing, run the following command chflags -nohidden ~/Library. I find the UI experience nicely polished and I don't mind the grey shift (not many people like this for some reason).

I have recently been invited to Google Plus which I still have to fill out and get more information into and add friends to it (it's like Facebook all over again) I will post more about it if I get past the initial hump of usage.

Finally in gaming news related to me, I've been playing team mono battles in Starcraft 2 and I have to mention how fun it is, it's almost taken me away from laddering, which won't happen, but I'm more prone to wandering during a season lock. I suggest you check it out, it's really fun, in a nutshell, you can only use one unit for offense and have to pick something that will support and complement your team.

Anyways I believe that is all for now.

Posted on: 24 Jul 2011

The weather... and other things

Holy smokes is it hot, it feels like I'm dying of the heat, although realistically I'm not and it's much hotter elsewhere in the world it's still relatively hot for me. Otherwise,

The Weather

Posted on: 17 Jul 2011

Revelation with GCD and NSXMLParser

Recently while I was doing some work on an RSS parser for an iPhone application, I was having an issue with the parser not showing all the results, so I went and logged a bunch of stuff trying to figure out if it was just not returning enough stuff or not, and it turned out that it was, so that wasn't the problem, and every time I ran the code it would return a different amount of items, so I was looking through the code and decided to try something, which actually found me the correct answer, and that was what the difference between dispatch_async() and dispatch_sync(). So I'll go quickly through the difference.

Now, the allocation and other stuff isn't any different than usual and right where the dispatch_async() is where the problem begins, as dispatch_async() returns immediately any results parsed in the fractions of seconds between the [rssParser parse]; and the tableview:(UITableView*)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath*)indexPath are placed into your parsed results array, and any others after that are just orphaned into the bit bucket by not returning quickly enough. the fix to this is actually just one letter:

Posted on: 10 Jul 2011

Just an update

Hey this is just an update for the sake of updating. Lately I've wondered about OSX Lion and how someone would go about restoring their computer if they didn't have a backup of it, which brings me to think that it's would be really stupid to have to install snow leopard and then upgrade up to lion? sounds stupid but I've got faith in the solution here.

I'm pretty psyched for IOS 5 and all the things it will hopefully bring developers better tools to make better applications for the iPhone/iPad. The big thing for me is the notification centre. I am so happy that they've heard the issues that people have had and decided to find a way to work on it.

Anywho… I've fallen back into stumbleupon (which is evil by the way) and have lost many hours to it like I did many years ago, I need to find something to distract myself from it, maybe minecraft will go well.

Anyways, that is all for now.

Posted on: 19 Jun 2011

June Update

Long time no post. Just wanted to get something out there and get an update as to what I'm doing. I've been playing a good amount of Starcraft 2 (is anyone else psyched for Heart of the Swarm?). I've also been working (the 1.2 update to iCambrian has been released) and we've got good download numbers and I've managed to make a good amount of fixes to some issues I've heard about. I'm now working on Version 2.0 and another app. I think I'm going to post some of my extensions onto Github and see what other development I can help with.

I've been trying to get some cello practice in, and it seems to be going well… haven't got to sheet music yet (still learning what sounds and feels right) and how to properly draw the bow.

Posted on: 05 Jun 2011

April Update

Man oh man has it been a while, oh well. So I've managed to finish another semester and man was this one hard, in the home stretch I was going into the lab almost every day doing case studies, labs to fill out my journal and labs just because I can (and with access to equipment like that, why not?) now that I'm all done, it's back to work and the competition that awaits me for May. I have a fun story from my programming, I was trying to include ZXing into my project and I was having issues with some random piece of C++ code, what I didn't realize until the end of the day was that my definition for != was the exact same as Apple's anonymous struct, which in turn meant that the code was using my definition over their code, which was weird, but oh well.

I've lately been back into StarCraft 2 and was wondering, does anyone out there have any weird or different build orders that could work with a little more refinement? I would like to know cause I'm always cool for new builds.

Anyways, short update, I'm sick, that's all.

Posted on: 26 Apr 2011

Long due update

Hello everyone,

Been a while, and I actually have a lot to talk about! Well, onward with the show.

So, I've finished my fall semester with a 4.0 gpa, pretty fun stuff, I guess I could write my CCNA exam if I wanted to, I think I'll wait until the end of this semester though. Furthermore, Linux is becoming more and more interesting as my time in the class moves forwards, I'm learning about how to set up apache servers and bind9 among other things. I've already mentioned splunk, but the tool is just amazing, it's helped me figure out how to fix some of the more egregious errors on my server and has provided a good benchmark for what should be happening on a daily basis and what's completely out of ordinary. I would also like to mention that sharepoint is quite evil, there are so many things about it that make my head spin and just make me wish for something else. But, off of the bad stuff and onto the good. This semester has been quite entertaining, learning the advanced stuff in the Cisco curriculum, trying to make time to read some of my apple stuff and also trying to find a way to make my server log less.

On to other things, it was my birthday on February 3rd and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a tea set and an iTunes gift card, I bought an app called sparrow, it is amazing, it makes me revel in the minimalism of the design and wish that apple took some refreshers in UI design. I also started using dropbox, and I can't quite stop using it now. I don't have to bring a USB key around (unless there is no Internet in that area). I'm thinking of buying an SSH app for my iPod/iPad. I fully recommend dropbox to anyone who is sick of carrying USB keys around, you can just install it on your computers that you want files synced and drop the file into a folder, SHAZAM they're synced. If you want dropbox, go here To Dropbox.

So, Netflix has been ruining some of my free time, I've been watching all of the anime's that I haven't had the time to find or drive to watch at the time. I highly recommend one called Mushi-shi. It's also given me the opportunity to watch all of the movies I haven't seen yet wanted to. If there is a movie you want to recommend go ahead and send one in.

So our Xbox 360 broke down a while ago, so we bought one over Christmas, no problems so far, got Alan wake and Forza Motorsport 3, haven't played either of them, but their on the list. Oh, by the way, I am completely psyched for the next elder scrolls game, i loved oblivion and this one only looks like a sizable improvement.

Finally, the issue of Usage based billing, I am completely against the imposition of limits upon my Internet use. I am not an expert on the issue, but I am knowledgeable on the underlying concepts network usage and consumption and find claims by the major cable companies and telcos to be outrageous and only for the benefit of increased profit and not the end user who doesn't use that much in terms of bandwidth, but to put it in perspective, your computer is always on, always transmitting data back and forth, and that would contribute towards your cap, even worse is when you do an upgrade on your computer at home, not everyone has a software update server, or windows update server to download and redistribute updates to their home computers, which means that you will download updates for every computer in your house, which means that there is a chance that the telecoms and cable companies are making money on keeping your computer and all of the software in it up to date. I would suggest going to StopTheMeter.ca to learn more.

My landing page is on the way, I've been procrastinating too much on it and I'm going to get on it in the near future.

Thanks for listening,

Posted on: 19 Feb 2011

Hooray, Update

Hello everyone,

It has been a while, has it? I don't really know but either way, I'm writing.
I'm almost finished all of my classes for this semester, and that's good, just need to finish my psychology course and then free sailing from there.

So that means that I've finished another windows course and I also managed to finish my WAN and LAN Switching and Wireless course, which gives me a voucher for my CCNA exam, I think that saves about three hundred dollars?

Did I ever mention that I hate certificates? Cause man are those a pain in the arse for IIS and windows stuff, I mean sure, they give certificates out easy, they make issuing and revoking and enrollment easy, but revocation lists didn't want to work, I kept the bindings and everything and NOPE no revoked certs for you. Oh well.

I'm looking to learn how to play the cello, if someone would be so kind as to point to a good website (not that I can't find them myself) I'd just prefer if someone who's had good experience with a tutorial site would be so kind as to clue me in.

I'm hoping to maybe post some game reviews and tutorials and stuff when I get a new xbox and when I find something that I could post tutorials about.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Posted on: 13 Dec 2010

Case studies and Stuff

Hello again,

As described in the title, I have begun case studies, or those massive labs at the end of a semester that encompass the entire curriculum. At the moment I only have one, though I expect to have at least 4 hooray Cisco switching and WAN accessing, and another hooray for Linux, and a whoop whoop for MS server admin. (you interpret if that was sarcasm or not).

Posted on: 16 Nov 2010


Hello again,
In the past few weeks many a things have happened.
I have made it past the first round of the Cisco NetRiders competition into the second round, which means that my teammate and I are one of the top ten in Ontario (in the competition). Along with that, school is going well, marks are stable, classes interesting and thought provoking and assignments are both a plenty and workable.

Posted on: 08 Nov 2010

Hello world!

Hello all,
this is my first post and I'd like to say that I hope I am able to entertain you (the masses) enough that I'll have a good amount of readers and maybe if I feel like it, some meaningful discussions on code or whatever strikes my fancy.
Posted on: 13 Oct 2010