Hooray, Update

Hello everyone,

It has been a while, has it? I don't really know but either way, I'm writing.
I'm almost finished all of my classes for this semester, and that's good, just need to finish my psychology course and then free sailing from there.

So that means that I've finished another windows course and I also managed to finish my WAN and LAN Switching and Wireless course, which gives me a voucher for my CCNA exam, I think that saves about three hundred dollars?

Did I ever mention that I hate certificates? Cause man are those a pain in the arse for IIS and windows stuff, I mean sure, they give certificates out easy, they make issuing and revoking and enrollment easy, but revocation lists didn't want to work, I kept the bindings and everything and NOPE no revoked certs for you. Oh well.

I'm looking to learn how to play the cello, if someone would be so kind as to point to a good website (not that I can't find them myself) I'd just prefer if someone who's had good experience with a tutorial site would be so kind as to clue me in.

I'm hoping to maybe post some game reviews and tutorials and stuff when I get a new xbox and when I find something that I could post tutorials about.

Anyways, thanks for reading.