April Update

Man oh man has it been a while, oh well. So I've managed to finish another semester and man was this one hard, in the home stretch I was going into the lab almost every day doing case studies, labs to fill out my journal and labs just because I can (and with access to equipment like that, why not?) now that I'm all done, it's back to work and the competition that awaits me for May. I have a fun story from my programming, I was trying to include ZXing into my project and I was having issues with some random piece of C++ code, what I didn't realize until the end of the day was that my definition for != was the exact same as Apple's anonymous struct, which in turn meant that the code was using my definition over their code, which was weird, but oh well.

I've lately been back into StarCraft 2 and was wondering, does anyone out there have any weird or different build orders that could work with a little more refinement? I would like to know cause I'm always cool for new builds.

Anyways, short update, I'm sick, that's all.