Just an update

Hey this is just an update for the sake of updating. Lately I've wondered about OSX Lion and how someone would go about restoring their computer if they didn't have a backup of it, which brings me to think that it's would be really stupid to have to install snow leopard and then upgrade up to lion? sounds stupid but I've got faith in the solution here.

I'm pretty psyched for IOS 5 and all the things it will hopefully bring developers better tools to make better applications for the iPhone/iPad. The big thing for me is the notification centre. I am so happy that they've heard the issues that people have had and decided to find a way to work on it.

Anywho… I've fallen back into stumbleupon (which is evil by the way) and have lost many hours to it like I did many years ago, I need to find something to distract myself from it, maybe minecraft will go well.

Anyways, that is all for now.