The weather... and other things

Holy smokes is it hot, it feels like I'm dying of the heat, although realistically I'm not and it's much hotter elsewhere in the world it's still relatively hot for me. Otherwise,

The Weather
things are going well and work is going well too. I'm thinking of going on a training course some time in August to bump up on my certifications, only one more after that until the top. I think I'm going to move my landing page into WordPress so I have less sites and things to manage and maybe I can even make it look cool. I might even look into bringing more content in, like StarCraft 2 replays ( I'm still horrible, maybe you can learn from that) or even a gallery or something, I don't know, I still have to figure out stuff, I may even do some more things like tutorials on Wednesday on some of the weird things that I've met in my 2 years of programming, which reminds me, I may decide to give a quick tutorial on how to have a separate delegate for UITableView so you don't have as many issues with bloating size, or keeping the view separate from the controller in the Data Source delegate.

I just started using, it's really nice and is actually something that I may continue using throughout however long it is actually still alive (I hope it stays for a long while) and have just looked into a new app for the iPhone called Situationalist, you can either post one of the pre-made situations or make your own (i think) and anyone in the area can see that situation and respond to it, pretty cool if you ask me… there's too many good services coming out that I can't possibly use or even look at them all. If anyone actually reads this and has a good suggestion for a service for me to check out, just place it in a comment (keep in mind I'm in Canada and some services don't come here for some odd reason).

Anyways, I'm signing off.

See you all soon.