Lion and other niceties

Hello again, it's been a while and while I haven't got that Wednesday article I may still publish it if I can find the time to write it (I should probably put it into my task list). Well this weeks post is about Lion which I'm sure is very interesting to most people, I've got a few tips for that and the rest is about various things that have been happening in my life lately.

Firstly onto Lion, which is amazing, I was a part of the seeding program and have seen it develop from a pre-beta to what it is today and I must say it is a wondrous progression in the Mac OS line. The only beef I have with it is the scroll direction but I'll get used to it, and if I can't I can always change it back. My tip for lion is that if you find the library folder missing, run the following command chflags -nohidden ~/Library. I find the UI experience nicely polished and I don't mind the grey shift (not many people like this for some reason).

I have recently been invited to Google Plus which I still have to fill out and get more information into and add friends to it (it's like Facebook all over again) I will post more about it if I get past the initial hump of usage.

Finally in gaming news related to me, I've been playing team mono battles in Starcraft 2 and I have to mention how fun it is, it's almost taken me away from laddering, which won't happen, but I'm more prone to wandering during a season lock. I suggest you check it out, it's really fun, in a nutshell, you can only use one unit for offense and have to pick something that will support and complement your team.

Anyways I believe that is all for now.