Silver, a new mouse and beyond...

Hello all, I noticed a search that came up for my blog and it was about not being able to find your Starcraft replays folder after updating to lion. The issue was that the replays folder was in the library (which hasn't disappeared), which I addressed in my last post (which has just been highlighted). Speaking of Starcraft, I managed to get out of bronze and into the silver league and I'm hoping to keep it up and not drop back down. my goal is get into the top eight in this season, which I have decided to get a new mouse because as nice as the magic mouse is… it's not good for gaming. The mouse that I got was the Razer Lachesis (with 5600dpi), it's a pretty nice mouse and can change the dpi settings on the fly with those two buttons at the scroll wheel.

Razer Lachesis with Orange tint

Onto other business… work is going very well, I've managed to get some cool things going conceptually in the application I'm developing and I'm going on training course during August. This week I'm definitely going to put that UITableView tutorial up (I've put it off too long)

On personal matters, This weekend I'm helping build shed doors at home (cause the person who made them before was a macguyver) and hopefully will get time to practice with my cello and play some starcraft on this long weekend.

I believe that's good enough for now, I may post my full review/thoughts of lion some time soon.

Thanks for reading!