Minecraft and Stuff

I'd like to quickly start this off by briefly saying that mine craft is addictive, not as addictive as starcraft, however it is addictive none the less. I started off the game and knew nothing, so I built the customary wooden pickaxe and started mining things and found my self into a dungeon,  which ended in a similar fashion as my endeavour in Runescape, dying in a horrific manner and losing all of my items, however, unlike Runescape, I had a goal in mind I want to build a beautiful house so I continue on… more will come up when the house is done (pictures, videos).

Otherwise, not much new in my life, just relaxing and enjoying the summer, can't wait for school to start as it looks like I have a good semester (everything in the middle) and this will be my last year in college (after high school, you never know where life will take you afterwards). It's gotten so cool around here, it's dropped from about thirty to about twenty-five. I apologize for the lack of posting (if anyone actually reads this) and I may or may not post something about UITableView if I have the time for it. I am looking for cheap repository hosting and I've seen beanstalk and Github and I like them and I wonder if there are any that are less expensive or have better features, if not I'll just end up self hosting it (no matter how potentially unstable the internet is).

That's all for now