Journeying off...

Well, I'm starting my vacation this weekend and first stop is Toronto, visiting family, to which i will then go to Ottawa and visit friends (and play video games) not much else has been happening personally, well, other than moving some of my code off my personal server to github (which I absolutely love) because git allows me to commit without having to be connected to the Internet to reach the repository, which is a huge plus. Any who, so far it's been raining for about an two hours on this drive down, probably going to be raining the whole way down and probably there too. If anyone reads this, could you tell me where to get a fennec fox in northern Ontario, if you even can get one north of Toronto.

Update: I got completely soaked in the Scarborough town centre station, not too much protection from the rain.

At work things are shaping up pretty well for the next release of the application and oh boy does it look like it will be a good release, new graphics, better UI structure, more features and less bugs (I hope).

I still have more decorating to do in minecraft before I show the creation off, however, it's getting better than it was a week ago, I need to go exploring in my little world some more. I may post some Starcraft stuff if I feel like it. I also hope to at least stay in silver league for this season (above 25) and hopefully move up to gold league.

Thanks for reading.