Good Vacation

Well… my vacation is essentially over… so back to work it will be… I've been playing a good amount of video games and just generally relaxing for the past week. there have been some videos I've found on the internet that have sparked my interest even further for minecraft and I'm getting more stuff for the house and I'm hopefully going to post something about it some time soon. in other personal news… I left my hat on the greyhound bus and it's gone. I also have a picture to show… it's of some graffiti that I found in an underpass in the Nepean area in Ottawa.

More news… school is starting soon and that means potentially less updates (but since no one even reads this it's not like it matters) and more learning… and graduation. this will be one of my last semesters before graduation and getting my diploma and then entering the world of work. On the topic of school, I am so pleased that I can find my books online through e-book stores like peach pit and affiliates and others like O'Reilly and Amazon.

i genuinely hope that my bus tomorrow has internet on it… cause if it does that will be ample time to post that UITableView post I've been wanting to make for a while.

  Anyways… that's all for now.