Second Week in...

So it's the second week into school and I'm already feeling tired. Although it is nice to get back into the feel of things. The classes I have this year are really interesting and hopefully I'll be able to pull a lot from them. In the mean time I've fiddled around with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion Server (I would eventually like to move my Snow Leopard server to Lion). Speaking of servers and things related to them, VMWare came out with their fourth revision of Fusion, which I find quite nice as it allows lion and windows 8 virtualization along with cleaning up the user interface and making some adjustments to performance and the likes, overall I'd give it a 5 out of 5.

Things have been going well in my life… I'm still relatively high in my silver league (hoping to get to gold) and I'm still thoroughly enjoying minecraft (1.8 is awesome). I'm slowly getting better with the cello and will definitely buy one when my rental is up. Another thing I'm slowly getting into is more open source work that will hopefully get me back into wanting to program for the fun of it, mostly I'm looking to get back into ruby/ruby on rails. I may have mentioned it before… but I absolutely love github. It is just amazing for source code management along with issue management, group access to code and wikis/webpages for the code.

Some of the new things I've tried lately is the iWork Suite for the iPad, and I must say it works very well… and the webdav saving feature is just cool, I could set it up on my dropbox and have pseudo-native dropbox support.

If I don't get any real comments within the next while I'm just going to disable it completely.