Ahh Fall

Well… fall has arrived and, I must say I'm not to disappointed that summer has left us for this year. the weather isn't at all that unbearable and has only on occasion drifted to around 2°c in the mornings. even the leaves are changing now, and wow do they ever look pretty. I took the picture below just outside the house. I have recently bought a Scottevest it hasn't arrived yet but hopefully that will be soon and I will get to try it out and stay warm wherever (luckily I bought the lightweight and not the travel vest, my father says its too warm during the summer/fall). I'm still around 16th in my SC2 league (although I'm not playing much because of school and work) but hopefully I'll move up to gold for the end of this season or the beginning of next one. I find it sad that the only comments that I would get throughout the time I had comments opened up was spam, so I closed them last time and now I officially don't care whether people read or not. I'm probably going to put this on stumble upon but that might not do much as I don't have much content. In minecraft news, I haven't had much time to create much, just been blowing stuff up (infinite TNT is fun) and hopefully I'll have something cool to show to people when its finished, I may even just show it off for the fun of it as an unfinished project.

Anyways… good things are happening with work, I've managed to submit the app update that I've been working on and holy smokes do I hate regressions, but they all got fixed so that's good. hopefully it will be in the store by the middle of this week (it's waiting for review) and then I can continue work on one of the other plethora of projects I have simmering. I actually can't mention how much I love Github, it's solved so many things just by existing, want to see a branch graph and when they've merged together, DONE! do you want to see the impact you've had on the code, there's a graph for it, how about when people are committing/pushing to get an exact time of when people do most of their work? there's a graph for that.

In other news, I'm planning on some more development work on my landing page to make it look better, hopefully that's a task I can achieve with all the school and work going on.

I'm going to add more sites I'm on to the top bar and re-open comments for this week.