Another week gone by.

Well there goes the week. It was a good week too. I was able to play video games, sent out an update for the app that I have and still am working on since the summer, prepare an update for another application for review and working on a cool new project. Things are slowing down a bit from the haze of activity that was the first month of coming back to school and I'm actually quite happy about it, now I have more video game time.

School has been good, getting some cool stuff done with my AD administration class (recently got into FSMO roles) and I'm hoping to test this stuff on my personal equipment when I have the time for it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love google's collaboration suite? I've got a couple of projects for two classes and with google docs and stuff we can all work on it all at the same time to get the job done. Even better about it is we can chat while working on the document to get the true collaboration experience.

Hopefully I'll get more time on the SC2 ladder when things die down a bit more, as I've floated in the teens in my league, hopefully I'll get to gold some time soon but, if I don't it will not that big of an issue because I'm sure that within a couple of games of a league reset I'll be there anyways.
Something you should look out for when you're looking for cool things to buy is the Scottevest I bought one and it's just great, it's got pockets, warmth and a bit of style too. I may post pictures of myself wearing it but that's an unknown.

It's been a pretty quiet sunday leading into hopefully a good busy (not too busy) week.