The Beginning Of The Semester

This monday marks the beginning of my last semester at Cambrian College for the Computer Systems Technology program. I believe I will be going to the Ontario Technological Skills competition again this year and hopefully I can get gold this year at both the provincials and nationals. I’m looking forward to this semester as it looks interesting like every other semester so far. Maybe I’ll write my CCNA certs after this, get a couple people together, go to Toronto and write the hell out of them.

I also need to get back into the studying bandwagon, as I have two certs (ACTC and ACSP) that I have to study for along with the rest of my course load, though seeing as weekends are still free I just have to apply myself to getting it done. I think the best part about the new certs is that I can try them without a full testing infrastructure and use Virtual Machines.

I played about 5 hours of minecraft today and was able to make a couple of rail stations. I want to get more of them in and be able to move around the cool places in the level, along with add more interesting structures, maybe I’ll build a biodome or something.