Bring On The Rest Of The Semester

I’ve got quite a semester now that I’ve been through the first week, unfortunately no skyrim for me, I think the most I’ll be able to pull is a few moments of Minecraft and maybe Starcraft 2 on a friday night if there’s no reports or assignments due at that time. Very exciting it is though, some interesting stuff, like Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 by Microsoft and an infrastructure troubleshooting course for Cisco equipment (though troubleshooting can be essentially applied anywhere). I think I’m going to do my research report on the importance of source code management and version control systems, should be an interesting topic.

In other news, I received my UI design stencils from a company that goes by UIStencils and I have to compliment the construction of them, they are quite sturdy and look like they will be useful when I get back into prototyping and iOS programming and design.

In iPhone app news, The iCambrian App was sent off on friday and is awaiting review, this release is mostly just bug fixes from the few that a couple have people have mentioned and some of the reports I received through the iTunes connect portal. in other app news, I’ve tried and quite like Path, it’s an interesting take on social networking, I would suggest giving it a look through, It’s available for both the iOS and Android platforms, but not available through the desktop, guess this shows a trend that people are moving mobile.

The Stencils: