Twitters Bootstrap And Another Week Of College

Twitter’s Bootstrap has to be one of the nicest web frameworks I have seen, mind you, I haven’t seen many of them, but I find Bootstrap to be especially nice, as it helps with certain things and when I have the time I plan to continue to rework my blog to add more of bootstrap into it. Maybe add a tabluar navigation menu or rework the sidebar or something else cool. Maybe give it that cool looking top bar?

Another week has passed in the semester and more homework has been layered on, luckily I am ahead enough in the troubleshooting labs that it isn’t too much of an issue in my mind. Still have to keep up with it though. Other homework however I am not so ahead on, I have a very rough draft of my research report for my Technical Communications report done. Funny story about my report, to which I will let this tweet from myself talk the majority of the story:

Ok, I may have also done that just to include a tweet from myself and shamelessly self promote my twitter profile where I post semi-infrequently about the most inane of things that require people to actually be in my life (or reading this blog) to understand, but the key point here is that I was tired and working on my technical communications report and after working in Xcode for so long I ended up hitting ⌘+S and then ⌘+B, which in xcode terms is Save and then Build. In a text editor however that will Save and then Bold whatever is selected, and obviously not what I wanted. Thank goodness it doesn’t have to be handed in until monday.