Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 21st birthday and I just wanted to shamelessly post a birthday update.
I recently bought a timbuk2 messenger bag, hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll post pictures when it does.

I’m installing it right now in my Forefront TMG class.
Forefront TMG is some full of some pretty interesting stuff, I wish I had the money to buy and or play around with this kind of stuff.

Things are going well otherwise. Just fiddling around in some betas. I was so happy that I was able to get MXCL’s homebrew to update my Git environment to 1.7.9.
My courses are going well, the troubleshooting stuff is really interesting, was a pain in the butt when I thought I had to configure HSRP in one of them and I didn’t. My English course is going well, just have to write report after report after report though, the customer service course isn’t that bad either, just need to study a bit more maybe; and as I mentioned before, this forefront stuff is really cool, I just wish i had more time for messing around with it and the stuff it comes with.