Family Day Weekend

Well, it’s family day weekend, and hopefully everyone in ontario who is reading this is having a good one. My classes are going well, I managed to get forefront and exchange playing nicely for autodiscovery, as much of a pain in the butt that was (protip below).

The ProTip: turn on all services related to exchange and forefront, but the monitoring services aren't needed unless you want to monitor them.

In other news, I have finished a whole bunch of reports for my english class and now only have to do three more of them I think? and I may finally get some time to work on the keystone journal that I should be working on. I should probably also start with all of the required reading for my customer service course before I end up in a place where I’m writing a test and have no idea what the correct answers are.

I woke up at 12:00PM EST today, and holy smokes do I feel good, it’s like I got the whole lot of sleep that I missed in one nice package. And soon I’m going to go off to Toronto to visit family and celebrate four birthdays! I will also be getting the iPad case that somehow got mixed up in the mail with someone else’s order from the same company, luckily they’re in Toronto and i don’t have to ship it around or go somewhere more than 4 hours away, like Missouri or something.

Anyways, Mountain Lion looks freakin cool, definitely a good addition, i would just wish that they didn’t make it like this so that it’s hard for me to recertify, now I have to get Lion, then Mountain Lion within the span of a year or so.

Final thing of note,