Ios5.1 And Homework

I am so happy that IOS 5.1 came out recently, it jumped my battery life 100% or maybe even more, when it used to last two days at max, now it lasts possibly 4 (haven’t had the battery hit 10% yet). Further on the happy train, TAXES HAVE BEEN FILED which means awesomeness because I don’t have to do them and I’m not in government debt, and I’m going to be getting money back in my tax return. Homework is going as expected, it’s getting done but I’m not too happy about how much there is and the rate that it will continue to have to go at. In fact, much of the break that I was recently on WOOOOO MARCH BREAK was spent labouriously typing Cisco IOS commands into an electronic notebook to (at a later date, like next week) be transcribed onto paper. Ask me anything! I can pretty much configure anything with this puppy.

Unfortunately, because of this I haven’t been able to get any video gaming done. I’ve wanted to buy and play Portal 2, Mass Effect 3, along with the plethora of games I’ve been ignoring to get homework done. Luckily my placement is coming to save me from eons of doing homework, maybe then I’ll be able to play Starcraft 2 again, what season is it now? 7? In any case, things are coming to a close regarding homework and I am ecstatic about that.

In a software related news, Sparrow for the iPhone is coming out soon (I hope) which means more money out of my pocket. I have also bought FileMaker Pro 11, which looks cool, Definitely going to be put to use in my personal business. Oh, and while I mentioned taxes earlier, filing taxes for a sole proprietership is a pain in the rear and a half, at least I got it done and it wasn’t too complex to understand after doing it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write some more interesting things when my placement comes, maybe some coding stuff, who knows, I have to figure out what I want to tutorialize, maybe some beginner’s stuff on git.

If there’s anyone in Sudbury ON who’s interested in coding or learning how to code, I’m thinking of starting up a coderdojo and I was wondering if it is something that people would be interested in, if you are, just send me an email throught the contact button on the top.