Finished Classes

I’m finally finished all of my academic work for this year, and now I just have to wait for marks. It’s been a good program, one of the best! I also get the distinct pleasure of starting my placement on Monday and get to experience the environment I’ll hope to be working in.

This weekend I also get to update my server to Lion, which has been something I’ve been looking forward to doing for a while. There are just so many cool new things that I want to play with and now that I’m not spending so much time in school it sure seems like I can have a bunch of free time do do this with. Maybe I’ll pull an Arek Dreyer and do some kind of writing, maybe not a book but some interesting blog posts or something. You can find my upgrading experience by following this link

Otherwise, the entire weekend was a wash and I didn’t get much time to play the cello or just vegetate. And I get to start my placement tomorrow!