Telethons And More

So, another week goes by. It was a pretty busy weekend for me, I ended up helping out in the Easter Seals Telethon. I also ended up playing Mass Effect 3 some more and holy smokes is it ever addictive. Also, bought Zenbound 2, totally fun game and I would totally recommend it, it’s available from the app store on both the Mac and iOS platforms.

I happened to get an iTunes card from Visa and ended up purchasing Paper and I may end up posting stuff on my tumblr, much like all of the other things I may end up doing. I think that I’ll write up the steps for how I did that migration soon. Regarding that migration, I noticed that I was having issues with calendaring, so I removed the data from postgresql and re-imported it and then noticed that I just had to set the certificate through the server app for the service.

Working on a test virtual machine with Exchange 2010, not bad to set up, but the real kick in the teeth is all of the hotfixes it needs right off the bat from installing SP2. I also unfortunately didn’t manage to install rollup 1 right from the updates folder either, but it wasn’t that bad of an install like the initial SP2 install.

And on a final note, the OTSC is coming up soon and I’m going to be competing, hopefully I’ll be able to get gold this year (definitely shooting for it).