The Power Of Placement

Knowing that I’ve made quite a few posts about being on placement, I thought I’d make mention about how awesome being on placement actually is. Being on placement does a couple things for me and assuredly the same for you too, it gives me real world experience, which solidifies the technical knowledge from class.

It also gives me a picture into normal business operations. This is HUGE as there are many times where we’re using the latest and greatest products that {insert vendor here} has to offer, and we have no idea about how much they cost. The other point about this is that it’s very easy to do stuff in a lab situation where we have infinite downtime to play around with these new toys. Being on placement hopefully gives us the realization that We can’t always get the newest software and that even if we can it might be a while before it can be fully utilized.

And with all of that being said, I believe there’s some stuff to be said about other things than placement. Ok, well this one kinda relates to it… I love how being on placement has given me some time back away from homework to be able to do things like program for fun again, heck I can even go out now. Speaking of programming, I’m slowly working on a tumblr theme for my own tumblr blog which may get updated more often than this one (it will probably be inane blather, I’ll still update here with mostly thoughtful posts).

Furthermore… I’m also slowly working on making this site much prettier and possibly adding a page for more about who I am (Hooray self promotion).

##Fun Times## I also happened to get back into playing some Starcraft 2… hopefully I’ll be able to play it some more, but I don’t see any point to start until Season 7 starts. In the mean time, I’ll just stick to Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim. Speaking of Skyrim… Bethesda we can has more dlc plz? and I’m not talking about that gawd aweful horse armor.

And now I shall leave you with an image of a cat sitting in a bucket.

Bucket Cat