Well Its Summer Now

Well, with temperatures from 15°c to 20°c it certainly seems like that. I’m glad with the weather too, I am also very glad that my allergies aren’t kicking in, last year was absolute brutality. Funny thing about allergies, I did some research last year, and apparently there’s three “seasons” of allergies, Trees are first, then it’s flowers and grasses, and then ragweed.

Moreso, I’ve been relaxing for the past while, getting back into working on iOS development and seeing what has changed recently in that world… which reminds me of WWDC 2012, I wish I could go… looks to be an interesting year. Prospects of IOS6 and other intersting things as they arise, I wonder what new things are available in iOS6.

On a seperate note, I bought Portal 2 two days ago… and already beat it by today… not a long game, but fun as heck, I guess I’m just going to have to make my own maps and play co-op.

Final note, I’ve decided to change the layout again… cause you know, I felt like it.