Code Challenge, Blog Problems, And Rain

Well, it’s a rather drab sunday today. Rain, gray skies, smell of ozone in the air, great for the grass and plants! Rather boring for me though. At least, plans are coming together, and I may finally get back to iPhone programming, maybe even write a thing or two about that kind of stuff on this blog. Furthermore, due to issues revolving around bandwidth and stuff, I think I may permanently move this blog to github or something.

I also have a couple things in the pipe regarding coding and github, but I don’t know how long that’ll take. Thinking about starting a coding challenge, but I’m working on rules and challenges. Hopefully I’ll get something going by the end of this week.

On another note, I’m only four teas away from trying all of the black teas at Teaopia. Which I just learned has been merged/absorbed into teavana. I thoroughly hope I don’t have to try a whole whack ton of new teas or that all the teas that I did try don’t just magically disappear.