Flurry Of Activity

Holy smokes, I’ve had quite a flurry of activity lately. I just moved my blog to github, moved all of my services off my server, while and doing the job hunt thing. In the meanwhile, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of documentation. Which I’ve been using appledoc.

Also, finished Mass Effect 3 on tuesday with the extended cut. I had never actually finished the game until now, and I have to say that that was a satisfactory ending. It was not the “rousing ultimate victory” but it was so much better than the original endings. Enough of that.

Aside from all of those things, I think my pet project is to develop a Metro styled tumblr blog. If it’s not that then it’s working on creating a weekly code challenge.

And I shall leave you with a picture of some raw bacon that I think deserves some attention because of how good it is (when cooked of course). Applewood Bacon