Moving Out And On My Own

It’s certainly been a while since I last posted. I don’t recall as to whether I mentioned it or not, but I’ll be moving to Ottawa in the coming weeks, out onto my own. This will be an experience. On a related note, holy smokes does costco ever have large sizes, I’ve had left overs for like a whole week from cooking one package of meat.

The other thing I feel like mentioning is how odd it was when September 4th came around. It was an odd feeling, I felt like I had to go to school, even though I had already graduated. It’s like that dream that people occasionally have where they’ve missed an assignment or a test, except less of the panic and a little bit more of the nagging.

As for recent things. I bought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, oh the nostalgia is so deep. I also subscribed to RDIO and I’m having quite a blast listening to it. Maybe if You the wonderful reader have rdio, you can add me.

Anyways, anyone else think that twitter thing is going to blow up soon? With the way they’re treating third party developers, killing off their own products, forcing people to look at advertising… it looks like the downward spiral is coming up soon. But that’s all I’ll say about that.