Going Back Home

Well, It seems like I’m going back home, at least, to my home town. It’s been quite the while since I’ve last updated this blog, I’ve finished contracts, got new ones, and am even working on acquiring full time employ. I also managed to get my full G License, before my deadline (I would’ve been soooo angry).

All things considered, life is going well.

I got a bit bored and started watching some snippets from Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, the drama that man kicks up is quite entertaining.

I guess it’s the mark of perfectionism if I’m still unsatisfied with this website’s appearance, maybe I’ll take a weekend or two to attempt to redesign it well, if that’s not successful, I guess that means I’ll have to take a look through some open design courses.

Oh, and if someone is actually reading this, I’d like some more friends on Rdio. I also hope that I can somehow tweet more and delete Facebook, the only thing I use it for right now is chat, which I hope I can replace with cell phones, if I got the numbers of the people who matters. On a side note, why don’t people actually use the phone part of the cellphone anymore? I enjoy calls, they’re brief, to the point, and you get to HEAR people’s voices. Just thinking about that for a moment, and it’s actually kinda bonkers how much we take that kind of technology for granted.