Long Time Update

Well, It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here.

I’ve had quite a new start to my life, moving in on my own, getting a job, moving to a different (but familiar) city. You know, it’s so great to finally reconnect with some old friends and be back in my home town. That’s not to say that I won’t miss Sudbury, but I think there’s something special about Ottawa.

I have much less time now to play video games as I would wish, but I am still able to play them on occasion and still thoroughly enjoy it. I’m running a Minecraft server, and for the most part just doing a creative build for the moment. When I get to it, I think I’ll switch it to survival and decide to build from there and then get into the end, finding buildings and the nether. If you want to get in on playing, drop me an email, which you’ll find in the top bar.

On a side note, applewood smoked cheddar, Great Stuff.

In a note of software and other stuff, I’ve just started to look at market circle’s daylite. Looks really impressive. As well, Evernote is pretty impressive too, I’ve been a circus ponies’ notebook user, and I still use it, but it get’s rather discouraging when a company doesn’t update their software in what seems like a year. Anyways, I’ve looked into evernote and it’s getting better with every release, It’s actually something I would consider subscribing to if I had the funds for it, I would even consider getting one of the Moleskins for it, again if I had the funds.

Speaking of funding, pebble has finally started shipping, hopefully I’ll get one soon. Maybe I’ll do a review for it. I should definitely get to that article on setting up UITableView and it’s delegates. I think I’ll do that Tomorrow.

Here’s an image of the wonderful view I have (at dusk) Dusk